Rent continues to rise!

Are you still renting?

Rent continues to rise! Rent  continues to rise, Northern California has seen 20% increases in rental margins. Are you sick and tired of paying someone else’s mortgage? Are you sick and tired of your rent being raised year after year? Take control of a 30 year fixed mortgage, and the security of a fixed mortgage…

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Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Homemade Refrigerator Pickles Here’s an easy recipe for #Meatless Monday! If you have your own garden or often visit the Farmer’s Market, you know there is an over abundance of cucumbers right now! Yes cucumbers are delicious in a salad and an easy yummy snack. And we all have pickles on our sandwiches, but have…

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What makes us different at Inspired Living

What makes us different at Inspired Living When I first started in Real Estate I worked individually. Being a Top Achiever and Master Club Member, I am competitive and hard working. I joined forces with Allison James Estates & Homes in 2015, to provide the highest level of service to our clients. I added a very valuable Real Estate assistant and Transaction…

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A Good Buyers Agent

A good buyers agent will be with you every step of the way!

A Good Buyers Agent The struggle is real if you’re a buyer looking for a property currently. It is a sellers market! Meaning, a seller can ask for a price maybe even a little higher than their property is worth and still get multiple offers because there’s not enough inventory. A good Buyers Agent is…

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